‘I killed a lady. … I took everything she had,’ teen told friends after killing his foster mother, sources say

by Chris Palmer, Mike Newall and Allison Steele,

The Philadelphia Inquirer.  January 16, 2020

With a duffel bag of cash and a stolen credit card,17-year-old Xavier Johnson took friends on a shopping spree Wednesday. They drove through West Philadelphia in the car of the foster mother Johnson had allegedly stabbed to death hours before, law enforcement sources said.


They had breakfast at McDonald’s, then went shopping for sneakers at Foot Locker — a $270 pair of Jordans for him, $70 Champions for a buddy.

“I killed a lady for all this [stuff] and I took everything she had,” Johnson told his friends, the sources said.


Minutes later, the teens crashed the car with police on their tail.

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