As coronavirus anxiety builds, N.J. schools prepare for an outbreak

By Posted Feb 28, 6:45 AM

Tele-schooling. Hand sanitizers. Warning posters and enhanced disinfectant cleanings.

School districts across New Jersey are gearing up for a coronavirus outbreak, sending letters to parents and staff about their preventative measures and mitigation plans.

While the tone of the letters was measured and practical, the districts’ sweeping action only confirms the escalating fear felt throughout the state and beyond.

Federal health officials said earlier this week that schools, health departments and businesses should “dust off” their pandemic plans and prepare for the worst. The CDC announced an outbreak in the U.S. was “inevitable” and “could be bad.”

New Jersey schools have heeded the advice.

The Lakewood School District informed staff this week of the measures it is taking — mostly simple, hygiene-focused actions.

“We will be placing hand sanitizers throughout the buildings in common areas where there are no sinks and hand soap accessible in addition to routine scheduled cleaning,” according to a letter emailed to school district staff and obtained by NJ Advance Media.

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