Growing Awareness of ”Period Poverty“ in Schools

BY MARY ELLEN FLANNERY. NEA Today. Feb. 20, 2020 With Virginia poised to become the fifth state to require its middle and high schools to provide free tampons and menstrual pads in its bathrooms, the issue of “period poverty” has growing traction in schools and statehouses across the nation. One in five teens said they … Continue reading Growing Awareness of ”Period Poverty“ in Schools

Helping Teenagers With Menstrual Pain

Painful periods are common around the world but, with treatment, should not cause a teenager to miss school, sports or social outings. By Perri Klass, M.D.  The New York Times. Feb. 3, 2020   Period-related pain, medically known as dysmenorrhea, colloquially often called “cramps,” should not prevent an adolescent from participating fully in school, in … Continue reading Helping Teenagers With Menstrual Pain